Women’s Circle, Monthly - Returning in September

22-24th November, Glastonbury Retreat BOOKINGS NOW OPEN


Awakening as Wo(mb)man Circles 

My wish is to offer a safe space for women to gather, share, connect and support each other in the process of Awakening as Wom(bm)an and what the embodiment of the Divine Feminine looks and feels like in form. 

As we have chosen a female incarnation in these incredible times of Awakening, we have volunteered to be a part of the collective transmutation of the Feminine. The Alchemy is not subtle and transformation is happening at a rapid and steady pace. 

As the winds of change are blowing, we need a tribe/ circle/ community who supports us, helps us stay committed, understands us, holds us and encourages us when we go through our cycles of death & rebirth and reflects back to us our beauty and bravery. 

The Women’s Circles I offer hold the intention to call group consciousness back together. Our souls intuitively know where to go and whom to connect with. We usually realise when we gather in that Circle what brought us there. Circles can also ignite a deep re-membering of an aspect of our Being. 

If you feel the call to sit in a space where you can leave your masks at the door, open your heart, receive and be held, you are always welcome to join. 


Coming home to yourself...

Retreats are, in my experience, the most efficient catalysts for change. When you give yourself time away from all daily distractions, you give yourself the space for introspection, shedding layers, letting go of identifications to ultimately integrate realisation. During retreats you connect with like minded souls who share the same path and offer their support and understanding. I work with some of the greatest catalysts and would love to share their knowing and wisdom with you. 

22-24th November, Glastonbury Retreat with Catherine Bjorksten & Steve Nobel BOOKINGS NOW OPEN



* 13th August - Webinar - Awakening the Starseed Magician (2)

* 23rd July, London evening talk + gathering, Soul Tribe

* 16th July - Webinar - Awakening the Starseed Magician

* 16th May, London evening talk on Awakening the Magician

* 19th-21st April, Glastonbury Retreat, “Earth Magic. Multidimensional Spirit.”

* 1st April, London evening talk on The Sacred Fool Archetype on the Journey of Awakening

* 12th February, London evening talk on Stepping into your Soul Mission beyond Resistance


* 20th November, London evening talk on Dream your Magical and Miraculous Year 2019 into Being

* 18th September, London evening talk on Embracing your Soul Tribe: Twin Flames, Soulmates and all Soul Connections

* 29th June-1st July, Glastonbury Retreat, The Return to Eden: the re-union of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

26th June, London Evening Talk on Aligning with your Soul Purpose with Catherine Bjorksten and Steve Nobel

* 10th May, London Evening Talk- Abundance, stepping in to a higher octave of living with Steve Nobel & Catherine Bjorksten

* 8th March, London Evening Talk- The Magical Union of the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine with Steve Nobel & Catherine Bjorksten 

* 1st February, London Evening Talk- Psychic Clearing & Protection for Starseeds with Steve Nobel & Catherine Bjorksten


* 6th December, London Evening Talk- Dream Your Year 2018 Into Being with Steve Nobel & Catherine Bjorksten

* 24-26th November, Glastonbury Retreat Opening Pathways of Inner Light, Consciousness & Potential with Catherine Bjorksten & Steve Nobel 

* 24th October, London Evening Talk - Starseed Revolution, Columbia Hotel (W2) with Steve Nobel and Catherine Bjorksten

* 20th May, Awakening Consciousness, Living beyond Conflict with Catherine Bjorksten & Jeffrey Wium, London W2 (day program)

* 24-26th March, The Magic of Awakening Retreat, Glastonbury, UK with Catherine Bjorksten & Steve Nobel