Steve Nobel Youtube channel for all sorts of meditations for clearing, mutidimensional exploration, etc.

Solara An Ra - great meditations for Starseeds (daily practices, energy hygiene, etc)


Veil of Reality will support your growing awareness in the multidimensional realms of Awakening.

Phil Good’s YouTube channel offers insightful videos into the Ascension process for way showers, trail blazers, Starseeds, anyone who is holding the frequency of Awakening in various capacities. Grounded and embodied multidimensionality.

Bridget Nielsen is dedicated to sharing her own experience about living a high vibrational life in an embodied way.

Magenta Pixie is a widely recognised and respected voice for planetary ascension, galactic “news” and multidimensional living.


Starchild - great online shop for ceremonial and ritual supplies (clearing, candles, oils, incenses, herbs, etc).


Alternatives : Spiritual talks and workshops in London  

College of Psychic Studies : Exploration of consciousness beyond matter through courses, talks and workshops from developing your intuition to shamanism via scrying  

Holistic Healing College : Soul Plan practitioner, Spiritual counselling, Spiritual life coaching, Hypnotherapy diplomas