Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth is a land-based project that connects people with nature. We specialise in experiential learning and mentoring, using the natural world as a key element in the process. We also see ourselves as environmental custodians of our beautiful 40-acre site in Horam, East Sussex, UK.


Nature Wisdom

Nature-based Soul Initiation & Cultural Healing Practices with Rebecca Card. As someone deeply immersed in soul tracking, who is continuously humbled by nature, Rebecca has a wish to offer a range of practices and ways of working that support cultural healing as well as individual, soul-based initiation. This work is rooted in the earth and held by the land. Nature and Mystery are the container. Devon, UK



Embercombe is a beautiful and wilding 50 acre valley on the edge of Dartmoor created by Mac McCartney. It is place to find a deep connection with nature – wild nature around us and wild nature within us. It is a place to breathe, to reconsider, to regenerate and to relearn. It is a place to get clear on what it is you have to offer the world and become passionate about who you are and what you do. It is a place to join the conversation, pick up the skills and get started.