Womb Awakening sessions are geared towards awakening the Feminine within (whether you are in a male or female body) bringing awareness to where you are still holding unconscious patterns that repress that part of yourself. We tend to hold old trauma in our wombs/haras (for men) from past lives, childhood, cultural imprints and other scripts that affect our relationships to ourselves, partners, family, society, our work and the Greater Whole. We will dive into journeying, body practices (movement), ceremony and activations to support you in establishing a trusting relationship with your womb space. We will also be working with the different dimensions of Divine Mother- Cosmic Womb, Earth Womb and your own physical womb as they are all connected. As you clear and awaken your womb space, you will increase your capacity to earth your gifts and talents as it supports you in channelling your cosmic knowing into form and connect with the Womb as Source of Wisdom.

Exchange for 1 hr session £120